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There have also been suggestions that the expression may derive from an actual custom of jumping over a "broomstick" (where "broom" refers to the plant common broom rather than the household implement) associated with the gypsies (Romani) of the United Kingdom.The custom of a marrying couple literally jumping over a broom is now most widespread among African Americans, popularized in the 1970s by the novel and miniseries Roots but originating in the mid 19th century as a practice in antebellum slavery in the United States.There are later examples of the term broomstick marriage being used in Britain, always with a similar implication that the ceremony so performed did not create a legally binding union.This meaning survived into the early nineteenth century: during a case heard in London in 1824 regarding the legal validity of a marriage ceremony consisting of nothing more than the groom placing a ring on the bride's finger before witnesses, a court official commented that the ceremony "amounted to nothing more than a broomstick marriage, which the parties had it in their power to dissolve at will." A decade later, the Marriage Act 1836, which introduced civil marriage, was contemptuously referred to as the ‘Broomstick Marriage Act’ by those who felt that a marriage outside the Anglican church did not deserve legal recognition.References to "broomstick marriages" emerged in England in the mid-to-late 18th century, always to describe a wedding ceremony of doubtful validity.

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The pair started dating just two months after the Beverly Hills Cop star divorced his wife, Nicole.Eddie Murphy doesn’t waste anytime when it comes to finding love.It has now emerged, the actor who sensationally revealed last night he’d dumped Mel B, has been dating film producer, Tracey Edmonds, for a month-and-a-half.[o]thers jumped over broomsticks placed across their thresholds to officialize their union and create new households", indicating that contractless weddings and jumping the broomstick were different kinds of marriage.

In some African-American communities, marrying couples will end their ceremony by jumping over a broomstick, either together or separately.

A 1774 usage in the Westminster Magazine also describes an elopement.